Study blood, haematopoietic organs and blood diseases, their treatment, prevention

Hematology is one of the most important sections of medicine – engaged in the study of the circulatory system (both the blood itself and blood formation), bone marrow and lymphatic system. The hematologist specializes in the treatment of blood diseases, on the conduct of laboratory research, the development of methods for diagnosing and preventing pathology.

In what diseases are treated for hematologist? 

The hematologist is engaged in blood diseases, but often hematological pathologies are systemic.

Specialist is engaged in the directions:

Therapy of pathologies associated with blood coagulation impairment (eg hemophilia)

Treatment of malignant hematological tumors.

Wide group of diseases – leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and other pathology

Therapy of hereditary diseases (eg hemorrhagic diathesis)

Treatment of anemia, not only iron, but also folic-deficient, as well as hemolytic anemia, in which the bone marrow produces the normal number of erythrocytes, but they are destroyed at high speed.

Prof. Olafs Udris

Internal medicine professor. Hematologist Olafs Ūdris ir pabeidzis Rīgas Medicīnas institūtu ( Tagad Rīgas Stradiņ...

Prof. Jelena Poddubnaja

Internal medicine doctor. Hematologist. Professor of medicine Profesore Jeļena Poddubnaja sniedz konsultācijas iekšķīgo slimību un hematoloģ...

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